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Paint and Decor

Benjamin Moore Paint is widely known as the industry leader in paint. The premium ingredients and the cutting edge technology creates a paint like none other in the market. The new Gennex waterbourne colourants and coatings are the most cohesive, durable, low VOC and colourfast paint on the market.
Benjamin Moore’s colour palettes are unrivalled, with over 3400 colours in it’s spectrum you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you!
Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest to your home, especially with the range of patterns, colours and textures available. With some planning and patience, you can easily wallpaper an entire room to add drama or select one wall to accentuate. spruce up the inside of cupboards and drawers. Our extensive collection will inspire you to express your style while creating a feeling of depth and space.
Solid hardwood wall panels are ideal to impart a contemporary, warm look to a room. Forget about the painstaking and time-consuming installation of the past. Use Finium wall panels and obtain a perfect and original result quickly and efficiently
Create an authentic and inviting style with Wall Concept rich collections of natural wood wall coverings designed specifically for interior use. Be it for a contemporary decor or for the rustic chic look of barn wood, you’ll be impressed with the versatility of their products.
Wall Concept's collections stand out by combining the vitality and warmth of natural wood with easy installation. Tired of those old painted walls? Need a quick change? Our natural wood planks are designed specifically for wall mounting and are just what you need!
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Selecting kitchen and bath hardware can be one of the most enjoyable decisions in the remodeling or new construction process. Size, design, finish, and material options for knobs, pulls, and handles are almost limitless. voyage through our collection lets you experience unique creations crafted by world-renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.
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